Thursday Quotables (the seventh) 

 The quote of today comes from…


The Winner’s Curse, by Marie Rutkoski

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I am currently writing the review for this book, so be on the watch for that. I had mixed feelings about this one, and it’d take a while to explain everything. Just enjoy the quote now and read my review later. 

While I thought this book contained an over-abundance of metaphors and similes, this was one that I actually liked. 

Her tone was polite, but the “please” grated. It was a lie, a pretense that her words were not an order. It was a slick coat of paint on a prison.

Ah. Humans and our small deceptions. 

Have you read this book? What do you think of this quote-and her metaphors in general? Oh, and the cover change. I think it’s been publicized enough, but here’s my opinion on it: the new covers are ugly. They’re just unattractive to me-the model, the outfits, the backgrounds. I love the aesthetics of the originals. But, I want to know what you you think. 

Thursday Quotables is a weekly feature created and hosted by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies. It’s a place to showcase any favorite quotes from your recent reads. You can find information for participation on her blog (just click the link from above). 


3 thoughts on “Thursday Quotables (the seventh) 

  1. I haven’t read the book, but I do like your quote! I like the idea of the “please” grating, and the coat of paint on the prison. Looking forward to your review!


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